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Our Services

Supply and Maintenance Services

We offer an integrated approach to meet customers’ requirements, being their single point of contact for all central LPG needs. This is why we offer a free annual maintenance contract integrated with the supply agreement.

Decanting Services

All bulk tank installations require periodic decanting for maintenance or revalidation. We offer in-depth expertise in decanting bulk vessels at the customer’s site.

Provide quality

Ruby Gas employs trained and experienced technical staff to supervise the process and ensure maximum safety and efficiency. With specialized vehicles for decanting and depressurizing any bulk LPG, Propane or EGAP installations

LPG Tank Requalification

We offers service of Bulk Tank Certification and Requalification by reviewing the documents and inspecting the tanker on an annual basis. If the pressure vessel is in fit condition,  processing the application for renewing a road tanker permit.

LPG Safety Training

We conduct regular training for our Bulk customers and Cylinder distributors to familiarise our partners with various safety aspects of LPG. The focus is primarily on safe procedures .

Pre-delivery Inspection

To ensure safe delivery and correct operation of bulk gas storage tanks and installations, Ruby & Craft follows a well-defined and comprehensive pre-delivery inspection process from the first delivery to final installation.

Need Help?

Need Support or advice with your home supply.